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At the Diamond Academy our instruction focuses on developing the complete offensive lacrosse player through education and repetition. By way of the Shooting Diamond, players not only improve the physical aspects of their game, but they also learn to think and move with a purpose.


Our Curriculum...

Through phased fundamental development, the Diamond Academy focuses on building a foundation of efficient stickwork and proper movement that put offensive players in positions to succeed. Through these disciplines and an understanding of the Shooting Diamond, players develop the skills needed to generate high percentage scoring opportunities at the next level. At the Diamond Academy, we believe that the name-of-the-game is efficiency.  

Nowadays on social media, with new technology and enhanced stat tracking, the world of sports has become increasingly "stat-centric"... and lacrosse is no exception. All over the lacrosse landscape we can see examples of stat-tracking being implemented for player development and to find barometers for success. Often these stats are tracking metrics that speak to efficiencies (shooting %, faceoff %, points to turnover ratio, offensive efficiency, etc). Though very useful if understood and applied, all of this information can leave players a bit confused. So what exactly do all these numbers mean? How can I apply this to MY OWN game? What should my efficiency goals be? And more importantly, how do I get there?

This is where the SHOOTING DIAMOND comes in. By way of the Shooting Diamond, we package together all of these statistics and efficiencies into one, easy to understand, and easy to implement approach to effectuating quality offense. The Shooting Diamond is the foundation of our curriculum. Understanding how to attack it, how to get to it, the finer nuances of stickwork whether you are in or around it, stick protection, body language, the four movements, and how to situate yourself off-ball... ALL start with an understanding of the Shooting Diamond. Developed from years of film study and statistical analysis, the Shooting Diamond has helped countless athletes pursue and achieve their dream of playing lacrosse at the collegiate level.

At the Diamond Academy we do not use the phrase "Lax IQ" simply as a buzzword. We believe that through a deep understanding of the Shooting Diamond, our athletes will inherently develop the physical skills and cerebral approach that are needed to succeed at the next level. We can't wait to watch your athlete(s) have success and implement the Shooting Diamond into their game, regardless of where their lacrosse journey may take them!

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The Diamond Academy is the perfect place to inspire your lacrosse game; whether you’re starting your lacrosse journey or an elite player looking to train with the best your age.

“Connor Sofield has made a tremendous impact on me in several ways. […] Connor has coached many times for Classics Lacrosse and has been a mentor for every single player he has coached, including me. He brings a strong social presence, intelligence, and charisma to everything he does. He comes from a fantastic Long Island family.”

- Grey Sunderland

Owner @ Classics Lacrosse, Former player, Current FOGO @ Babson College,
NEWMAC Rookie of the Year

Coach Sofield is one of those coaches that gets the most out of every athlete. He breaks down complex skills and mechanics into easily digestable progression based development to help athletes of all levels get to their full potential. Aside from the fact he's an all around great person, for me Sof focuses on the right parts of the game and an atmosphere on his teams that breed success both on and off the field.

- Keith Gagne

(NLL Referee, 2010-18)


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